Simply by watching Mr. & Mrs. Average Christian on Sunday morning, one quickly realizes that very few Christians are familiar enough with their Bibles to find quickly even the most revered passages of scripture. We all need HELP in making us more familiar with our Bibles. Therefore, an effort should be made to make Mr. & Mrs. Average Christian more readily acquainted with their Bible, the Books of the Bible, and the Heroes and Sheroes of the Bible.

The best way to teach information is through repetition in an enjoyable format. This is why games have been the most commonly used and the most effective tool in the educational system for centuries. However, a look at the game shelf in any Christian store will show that very few games exist which are educational and at the same time enjoyable for a large number of people.

Son Rose has developed a four suited card game called “H.E.L.P.” H. stands for History. E. stands for Epistles. L. stands for Law and Literature. P. stands for Prophets. These four categories are the five different types of literature in the Bible. The goal is the teach the books in the Bible, the type of literature, the number of chapters (size does matter when you are trying to find a book), the author and the time period when the book was written. By playing your favorite card game you learn the information about the Bible.

Heroes and Sheroes is Son Rose’s game to teach information about the men and women of the Bible who were God’s Heroes and Sheroes. We created the word sheroes by adding an s to he and making it she which makes a word to match heroes for the feminine gender. The information on the cards in this four suited card game teaches about the Patriarchs, Anointed (Judges, Kings and Prophets), Sheroes and Christians. These great characters from history teach us important lessons on how to live for God today.

Garden of Eden is a wonderful Son Rose game that teaches about the animals of the Bible and how God uses them to teach us lessons on life. Children and Adults alike enjoy this game. Originally a three suited game, Son Rose has expanded this popular game to a four suited card game. When you learn as a child (and adults can learn as a child that is why they are called “babes in Christ”) you can learn quickly and impactfully. Games are the child’s way to learn. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me for of such is the Kingdom of heaven made.” We should all try to learn as a little child.

We hope that by playing Son Rose Bible Educational Games, a familiarity with the Bible will be developed so that each person will be more inclined to study the Word on a regular basis. An increased familiarity should facilitate an increased inclination and vice versa. If the Apostle Paul could hope that by the foolishness of preaching he could save some, Son Rose believes that we can hope too that by the foolishness of game playing we can save some and that we can teach many to live righteous lives for the glory of God.