JUBILEE™    This board game is designed so that 11 different games can be played with the same board and/or question cards.  Games similar to Scrabble, Anagrams and Chinese Checkers.  The question cards ask the player to spell the name of a Bible person, group, place, thing, or event into a six directional crossword.  Bible References are provided to allow players to find answers they did not know thus, learning while they play.

BIBLE-OPOLY™     The board is designed so that 7 different games may be played on it:  3 versions of  BIBLE-OPOLY, which is similar to Monopoly, and games similar to Sorry, Aggravation, Parcheesi and Game of the States.  It teaches the books of the Bible, the community life of the Old Testament, and verses about 5 types of blessings of GOD.  Players pass Creation instead of GO, land on Jubilee with all its Biblical meaning instead of Free Parking, take blessing cards instead of chance cards, and go outside the camp instead of to Jail.  The first player to complete building their city of New Jerusalem (instead of houses and hotels) is the winner.

RAPTURE™  This board game teaches the value of balancing evangelism and discipleship programs, the use of gifts in the church, the signs of the times and the suddenness of Christ’s return.  Each person is a church with a membership which must be discipled from Hypocrite to Carnal to Spiritual.  The gifts of the Spirit allow the church to avoid Circumstances that would otherwise cause some members to go to another church.  The possession of all 7 gifts in the game would prevent the church from splitting.  Revival causes even Hypocrites to become Spiritual and to stick with your church through all the circumstances that might occur including the Rapture which ends the game.  A pre-determined point system reveals who has won the game.

TREASURE CHEST™         This board game is designed to encourage players to memorized key Bible verses.  The Players learn the value of the Fruit of the Spirit and the Armor of God.   The first person to advance their soul to Heaven – The Treasure Chest is the winner.


(all 3 card games come with a rulebook with rules for 33 popular games similar to Concentration, Old Maid, Racko, Rummy, Crazy 8’s, etc.)

H.E.L.P.™      Teaches information about the books of the Bible.

HEROES & SHEROES™     Teaches information biographical, historical and theological information about 54 Bible people who are some of GOD’s Heroes and Sheroes.

GARDEN OF EDEN™         Shows how GOD uses animals to teach us lessons.  This deck is designed for younger children.