Son Rose launches Founders program!

Jubilee. Just one of our 24

quality Bible games.

Families bonding and playing games together

instead of absorbing "screen time" values.

Join us as we spread God's Word!

Son Rose is the only remaining Christian game company in the U.S.

which features a variety of board, card, and dice games. Our nation

is in danger of forgetting its Christian roots, and our nation's families and

youth often know very little about the Bible and its life-saving message.

Help us distribute our 24 existing games, finish games currently in design, and

provide Bible games to our nation's schools, churches, and families!

If you have created a quality Bible-based game yourself, or a educational game

which honors Christian values or our nation's history, or know someone who has,

please let us know! Perhaps we can help produce and market the game.

Become a Founder

By becoming a Son Rose Founder you will be help provide Bible-based board games to schools, churches, home-schoolers, and families. For as little as $100 or $10 a month, you can help put Biblical games where young people will play them and learn the Scripture and its life-changing messages. Plus, they will have a blast learning God's Word!

Fun for the Whole Family!

The World needs God's Word!

And our children need less "screen time" and more time interacting with moms, dads, grandparents, and family and friends.


We have games for virtually all ages and virtually

every member of the family!

Join our Founders Program!

and provide games for yourself, your own family,

or for Christian schools and churches.

We Offer a Total of 24 Games!

We Love Creating and Playing Christ-centered Games

We have loved building these games and would be interested in building a game out of one of YOUR IDEAS for a game!

Have a Christian game YOU created?

Let us help you market your game! Contact us!

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