In life everyone can win!  Read how.

In life everyone can win! Read how.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.
What a fabulous promise penned by the Psalmist. I have a personal guide and provider.
Life like a game works on rules. The rules make the game an enjoyable experience. The rules of life make life an enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, in a game there can only be one winner. . Unfortunately, in life there are those who don’t follow the rules and yet everyone suffers the consequences. Adam and Eve did not follow the rules and all humans are now subjected to sin and death.
However, the Apostle Paul penned a great promise. All things work together for good for those who love God, for those who are called according to his purpose. It doesn’t say just good things. Even the bad things and the sad things and the tragic things work together for good. What a fabulous promise.
The Lord is my Shepherd and I shall not be in want.

Bruce Kaufmann CEO Game Creator

Bruce Kaufmann CEO Game Creator

Bruce Kaufmann CEO Game Creator is in the “Hall Of Fame” in the Free Methodist Youth Bible Quizzing.


Inaugural Year 2003 Inductee

“Godly Living and Christian Service from applying God’s Word.”


NEW!!!  Son Rose Game Set!

NEW!!! Son Rose Game Set!

Son Rose Game Set is NEW on the Market!!!  It has 33 Games in One for only $25!!!  You can add another Son Rose Card Game of your choice for $10!!!  Son Rose Bible Educational Games are FUN and you LEARN the Bible at the same time! They are a great way to interact with your family and friends while learning the Bible.

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JUBILEE™    This board game is designed so that 11 different games can be played with the same board and/or question cards.  Games similar to Scrabble, Anagrams and Chinese Checkers.  The question cards ask the player to spell the name of a Bible person, group, place, thing, or event into a six directional crossword.  Bible References are provided to allow players to find answers they did not know thus, learning while they play.

BIBLE-OPOLY™     The board is designed so that 7 different games may be played on it:  3 versions of  BIBLE-OPOLY, which is similar to Monopoly, and games similar to Sorry, Aggravation, Parcheesi and Game of the States.  It teaches the books of the Bible, the community life of the Old Testament, and verses about 5 types of blessings of GOD.  Players pass Creation instead of GO, land on Jubilee with all its Biblical meaning instead of Free Parking, take blessing cards instead of chance cards, and go outside the camp instead of to Jail.  The first player to complete building their city of New Jerusalem (instead of houses and hotels) is the winner.

RAPTURE™  This board game teaches the value of balancing evangelism and discipleship programs, the use of gifts in the church, the signs of the times and the suddenness of Christ’s return.  Each person is a church with a membership which must be discipled from Hypocrite to Carnal to Spiritual.  The gifts of the Spirit allow the church to avoid Circumstances that would otherwise cause some members to go to another church.  The possession of all 7 gifts in the game would prevent the church from splitting.  Revival causes even Hypocrites to become Spiritual and to stick with your church through all the circumstances that might occur including the Rapture which ends the game.  A pre-determined point system reveals who has won the game.

TREASURE CHEST™         This board game is designed to encourage players to memorized key Bible verses.  The Players learn the value of the Fruit of the Spirit and the Armor of God.   The first person to advance their soul to Heaven – The Treasure Chest is the winner.


(all 3 card games come with a rulebook with rules for 33 popular games similar to Concentration, Old Maid, Racko, Rummy, Crazy 8’s, etc.)

H.E.L.P.™      Teaches information about the books of the Bible.

HEROES & SHEROES™     Teaches information biographical, historical and theological information about 54 Bible people who are some of GOD’s Heroes and Sheroes.

GARDEN OF EDEN™         Shows how GOD uses animals to teach us lessons.  This deck is designed for younger children.



BIBLE-OPOLY ™ teaches:

  1. The Name of each book of the Bible – Spelling;
  2. The Author of each book of the Bible – Book sets by Author or similar authors;
  3. The Number of chapters in each book;
  4. The Category of literature appropriate for each book;
  5. The Order of the books in the Bible – Old Testament and New Testament;
  6. The Testament in which each book is found – Old or New;
  7. The Location of each book in the Bible;
  8. Various elements of Jewish culture in the Bible:
a. Birthright ,
b. Inheritance,
c. Community,
d. Years of Jubilee,
e. Tithe,
f. First Fruits,
g. Offerings,
h. The Blessings of God:
1. Covenants of God,
2. Worship of God,
3. Living for God,
4. Miracles of God,
5. Promises of God;

9. Over 112 important Scripture Verses.


BIBLE-OPOLY ™ games that can be played with this full color Star of David game board design:

  1. BIBLE-OPOLY ™ our version of Monopoly. In this educational variation on the most popular board game ever, players learn the Bible while trying to build a new City of Jerusalem by mastering sets of Bible books;
  2. OLD-TESTAMENT-OPOLY™ this is a shorter version of BIBLE-OPOLY ™ using only the books of the Old Testament;
  3. NEW-TESTAMENT-OPOLY™ this is an even shorter version of BIBLE-OPOLY ™ using only the books of the New Testament;
  4. STAR OF DAVD™ is our version of the very popular game of Aggravation;
  5. JONATHAN™ is our version of the very popular game of Parcheesi, the very popular game of India;
  6. CHARITY™ is our version of the very popular game of SORRY.
  7. GAME OF THE BOOKS™ is our version of Milton Bradley’s very popular Game of the States.


BIBLE-OPOLY ™ contains the following:


  1. The game board is full color and 19 1/4 inches x 21 1/1 inches;
  2. The 72 card H.E.L.P.™ deck which doubles as the Bible book cards;
  3. Six player tokens of six different colors;
  4. Two die;
  5. Blessing Cards:
  6. Worship of God – 16 cards,
  7. Covenants of God – 16 cards,
  8. Living for God – 16 cards,
  9. Miracles of God – 16 cards,
  10. Promises of God – 16 cards;
  11. 42 New Jerusalem building chips:

6 chips fo each of the following colors: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, purple and white;

  1. 32 Community verse blessing cards.
  2. Blessing Scrip (money) various denominations of paper shekels;
  3. Rules for each game that can be played with this versatile treasure chest of Bible games.


BIBLE-OPOLY™ is a trademark of Son Rose, Inc and is used to identify and protect Son Rose, Inc’s game of Bible board games about the Bible books.  All sub-games by name are also trademarks of Son Rose, Inc.  All rights are reserved by Son Rose, Inc.  Other non Son Rose games mentioned are the trademarked products of the companies that own those trademarked products and any reference here is simply as a comparison and not intended to imply ownership by Son Rose, Inc.

The Foolishness of Playing Bible Educational Games is Important

The Foolishness of Playing Bible Educational Games is Important

Simply by watching Mr. & Mrs. Average Christian on Sunday morning, one quickly realizes that very few Christians are familiar enough with their Bibles to find quickly even the most revered passages of scripture. We all need HELP in making us more familiar with our Bibles. Therefore, an effort should be made to make Mr. & Mrs. Average Christian more readily acquainted with their Bible, the Books of the Bible, and the Heroes and Sheroes of the Bible.

The best way to teach information is through repetition in an enjoyable format. This is why games have been the most commonly used and the most effective tool in the educational system for centuries. However, a look at the game shelf in any Christian store will show that very few games exist which are educational and at the same time enjoyable for a large number of people.

Son Rose has developed a four suited card game called “H.E.L.P.” H. stands for History. E. stands for Epistles. L. stands for Law and Literature. P. stands for Prophets. These four categories are the five different types of literature in the Bible. The goal is the teach the books in the Bible, the type of literature, the number of chapters (size does matter when you are trying to find a book), the author and the time period when the book was written. By playing your favorite card game you learn the information about the Bible.

Heroes and Sheroes is Son Rose’s game to teach information about the men and women of the Bible who were God’s Heroes and Sheroes. We created the word sheroes by adding an s to he and making it she which makes a word to match heroes for the feminine gender. The information on the cards in this four suited card game teaches about the Patriarchs, Anointed (Judges, Kings and Prophets), Sheroes and Christians. These great characters from history teach us important lessons on how to live for God today.

Garden of Eden is a wonderful Son Rose game that teaches about the animals of the Bible and how God uses them to teach us lessons on life. Children and Adults alike enjoy this game. Originally a three suited game, Son Rose has expanded this popular game to a four suited card game. When you learn as a child (and adults can learn as a child that is why they are called “babes in Christ”) you can learn quickly and impactfully. Games are the child’s way to learn. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me for of such is the Kingdom of heaven made.” We should all try to learn as a little child.

We hope that by playing Son Rose Bible Educational Games, a familiarity with the Bible will be developed so that each person will be more inclined to study the Word on a regular basis. An increased familiarity should facilitate an increased inclination and vice versa. If the Apostle Paul could hope that by the foolishness of preaching he could save some, Son Rose believes that we can hope too that by the foolishness of game playing we can save some and that we can teach many to live righteous lives for the glory of God.