BIBLE-OPOLY ™ teaches:

  1. The Name of each book of the Bible – Spelling;
  2. The Author of each book of the Bible – Book sets by Author or similar authors;
  3. The Number of chapters in each book;
  4. The Category of literature appropriate for each book;
  5. The Order of the books in the Bible – Old Testament and New Testament;
  6. The Testament in which each book is found – Old or New;
  7. The Location of each book in the Bible;
  8. Various elements of Jewish culture in the Bible:
a. Birthright ,
b. Inheritance,
c. Community,
d. Years of Jubilee,
e. Tithe,
f. First Fruits,
g. Offerings,
h. The Blessings of God:
1. Covenants of God,
2. Worship of God,
3. Living for God,
4. Miracles of God,
5. Promises of God;

9. Over 112 important Scripture Verses.


BIBLE-OPOLY ™ games that can be played with this full color Star of David game board design:

  1. BIBLE-OPOLY ™ our version of Monopoly. In this educational variation on the most popular board game ever, players learn the Bible while trying to build a new City of Jerusalem by mastering sets of Bible books;
  2. OLD-TESTAMENT-OPOLY™ this is a shorter version of BIBLE-OPOLY ™ using only the books of the Old Testament;
  3. NEW-TESTAMENT-OPOLY™ this is an even shorter version of BIBLE-OPOLY ™ using only the books of the New Testament;
  4. STAR OF DAVD™ is our version of the very popular game of Aggravation;
  5. JONATHAN™ is our version of the very popular game of Parcheesi, the very popular game of India;
  6. CHARITY™ is our version of the very popular game of SORRY.
  7. GAME OF THE BOOKS™ is our version of Milton Bradley’s very popular Game of the States.


BIBLE-OPOLY ™ contains the following:


  1. The game board is full color and 19 1/4 inches x 21 1/1 inches;
  2. The 72 card H.E.L.P.™ deck which doubles as the Bible book cards;
  3. Six player tokens of six different colors;
  4. Two die;
  5. Blessing Cards:
  6. Worship of God – 16 cards,
  7. Covenants of God – 16 cards,
  8. Living for God – 16 cards,
  9. Miracles of God – 16 cards,
  10. Promises of God – 16 cards;
  11. 42 New Jerusalem building chips:

6 chips fo each of the following colors: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, purple and white;

  1. 32 Community verse blessing cards.
  2. Blessing Scrip (money) various denominations of paper shekels;
  3. Rules for each game that can be played with this versatile treasure chest of Bible games.


BIBLE-OPOLY™ is a trademark of Son Rose, Inc and is used to identify and protect Son Rose, Inc’s game of Bible board games about the Bible books.  All sub-games by name are also trademarks of Son Rose, Inc.  All rights are reserved by Son Rose, Inc.  Other non Son Rose games mentioned are the trademarked products of the companies that own those trademarked products and any reference here is simply as a comparison and not intended to imply ownership by Son Rose, Inc.