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Son Rose Board Games are a great way to spend some family interactive time together.  Our Vintage Board Games are On Sale Now, for as long as supplies last!!!  Buy yours TODAY!!!

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Son Rose Card Games are easy to take on the go and fun for all ages.  Buy our NEW Card Game Set and get 33 Games in One!!!   Add another Card Game for only $10!!!

Christian Entertainment Promoting Faith, Family & Fun!

SON ROSE, Inc. is a Christian Company dedicated to creating, seeking out, developing, producing and marketing high quality Christian oriented entertainment products that might not otherwise become available, in an effort to enhance the training and implementation of Christian living.

Everything that we do should be done to the Glory of God the Father, God the Son Jesus Christ and God the Holy Spirit.

Bible Educational Games








Learning the Bible Can be Family Fun.

The mission of Son Rose Inc. is to teach people to love God and to love His Word, The Holy Bible, by playing fun family games.

The name was chosen to symbolize the fact that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died on the cross to save us all from our sin and he Rose again to give us all eternal life. Everything that we do should be done to the Glory of God.

Son Rose Game Show

Live every Saturday at 11:30am EST

Board games, card games and dice games are a great way to spend some family interactive time together.Talk about life and important issues while you are having fun playing a game and laughing with each other as the game, circumstances and situations change.

Son Rose Games

Raise up your children with Son Rose Games and before they are old they will know the Bible. Learn the Best Book, the Bible, by playing the best games from Son Rose.

Garden of Eden

Learn about Bible animals by playing concentration. Match the animals found in the Garden but WATCH OUT for the SERPENT!


The original six directional spelling crossword board game that teaches Bible information as you play.

Heroes & Sheroes

Learn about the famous men and women of the Bible. Play Heroes & Sheroes Bible Bingo and 32 other fun card games.
I found these games to be challenging as well as fun. It is wonderful to watch as Bible learning ties into your life.

– Rick N.

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